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A consortium will manage the DOT random testing programs of several employers, including those of owner-operators who are not permitted to manage random testing themselves. Consortiums that manage owner-operator programs play a very unique service agent role. While §40.355(k) prohibits service agents from serving as "designated employer representatives" (DER), the consortium is authorized to perform a number of employer functions in cases of owner-operators, and single driver employers.

Do I Need to Be in a DOT Consortium??

July 19, 2018

If you fall in to a safety sensitive position in one of the following modalities, FRA, FAA, PHMSA, Coast Guard, FMCSA, or FTA. You're subject to DOT random testing underneath these modalities. You'll need to contact a TPA/Consortium and get enrolled. Compliance Systems has random pools for each modality. This ensures that you're getting pulled at the approved rate. We have over 3000 safety sensitive works in our pools. 

If I'm Already Enrolled in a Consortium Can I Switch to Complinace Systems Consortium Mid Year?

July 19, 2018

Yes, you can! We work with a lot of companies that are frustrated with their current provider and looking for a change. We'll work with you and the documentation provided from your old consortium to get you enrolled. Once in rolled we'll upload employee roster and make sure your ready to go for the next random selection. 

What's Needed to Get Enrolled in to Compliance Systems Consortium?

July 19, 2018

You found out you need to be in a DOT random pool, now what??  When you contact Compliance Systems for your consortium needs. We walk you through what you need to provide us and what you'll get from us for your records. Once all of this is completed we'll take your list of safety sensitive employees and upload it in to our random system. All random selection are pulled from the identification number you provide for that employees. 

I'm Enrolled in Compliance Systems Consortium, Now What Happens??

July 19, 2018

Congratulations, you're enrolled in to Compliance Systems Consortium! What happens next is your employees are pulled at the random rates that are set forth by your governing modality. Compliance Systems monitor these modalities every year and set our pools at those pull rates. If we run a random selection and none of your employees are selected. Then you get a letter stating that at this time no employees are needed for testing. If we run a random selection and you do have employees selected. We'll assist you in helping you complete their random test. We'll also advice you how you should file these secure documents once you receive them.  

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